Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Junior Science - Data Logging

Today Mr Gilmartin's 1st year science class used data logging temperature probes to monitor heat loss under various conditions.

Experiments using data logging equipment can:
take readings with high degrees of accuracy
be left without human intervention
be set to take readings over a long period of time, eg hourly temperature readings every day
be set to take many readings in a short period of time
be used when there is a safety risk involved, eg extreme cold or heat

What did you expect to happen.
What were the temp. differences and why?
Was it a fair test

Junior Science - Ohm's Law

Friday, January 27, 2012

Leaving Cert Biology - Revision of Photosynthesis

Please click here to access revision notes of Photosynthesis

Leaving Cert Biology - Learn Genetics

Please click here to access an excellent website for learning genetics

Leaving Cert Biology - Protein Synthesis

A quick synopsis of translation of mRNA to a protein
Can you answer the following questions
1.How does the Ribosome know where to begin/end making theprotein?
2.What carries the amino acids to the ribosome?
3.what bonds form between the amino acid?
4.What happens to the chain of amino acids when translation stops?

Here is another clip which might clarify things further

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Leaving Cert Biology - St Angela's Trip

Just back from a very informative trip to St. Angela's College, Sligo where the following experiments were demonstrated.
1.Dissection of the Heart
2.Investigate the of Heat denaturation on the activity of catalase
3.Prepare and show the production of alcohol by yeast
4.Prepare and examine the TS of a Dicot stem
5.Isolate DNA from plant tissue
6.Investigate the effect of IAA on plant tissue
7.Prepare an enzyme immobilisation and examine it's application
8.Ivestigate the growth of leaf yeast using agar plates
9.Show digestive activity during germination
More to follow on each experiment

Junior Science

Mr Gilmartin's Science class preparing to make some copper sulphate crystals.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Magh Sci

Welcome to the Magh Ene Science Department's Blog. We hope to have this blog up and running in the next few weeks.