Thursday, October 27, 2016

TY students attended a 2 day workshop on Climate Change this week. Thanks to Environmental Consultant Jessica Devlin who delivered the workshop and to TY Co-ordinator Ms. Igoe for organising the event.

BT Young Scientist 2017:
Four projects from Magh Ene College have been accepted to exhibit at the 2017 BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in the RDS in January. This year saw the highest number of project entries to date with 2,091 project submissions. Only one in four of these were accepted into the exhibition. Congratulations to all the students involved and to their teacher Ms. Higgins. Full details of all the projects are listed below:
Student: Conor Herity
Project Title: An Investigation Into Developing A More Efficient Method of Drying Woodchip for Use In Boilers.
Category: Chemical, Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Students: Niamh Creevy, Katie Curran, Aine Dillon
Project Title: An Investigation Into The Effects of Trampling On Ground-Dwelling Insects In A Sand Dune Ecosystem In Co. Donegal
Category: Biological and Ecological
Students: Jamie Lee Clancy, Caolan Clancy, Rachel Currid
Project Title: A Case-Study Into Public Awareness of Microbeads In Personal Care and Household Products
Category: Social and Behavioural Sciences
Students: Tara Dolan,Chloe Kilkenny
Project Title: A Survey of Parental Attitudes In The North-West Towards The HPV Vaccine
Category: Social and Behavioural Sciences
Amgen Biotech Experience:

For the second year in a row, Magh Ene College is taking part in the Amgen Biotech Experience in connection with UCD.  As part of this programme, the school receives materials on loan for a two week period to allow students to carry out DNA analysis using equipment normally only available at third level or in industry. Forty schools in the country, mainly in the Dublin area are taking part in this programme this year. Thanks to Ms.Higgins to attended the training day for this initiative.  Over the course of the two week period a range of Science classes from different year groups and subject areas (Biology, Chemistry, Agricultural Science and Junior Cycle Science) had the opportunity to take part in this highlyenjoyable programme.