Students recieve one double class per week in Transition year

To provide students with the skills and support to discover and develop their individual talents in relation to the design and construction of an organic garden and to develop an understanding of the value of organic foods while working in an outdoor environment


The students should be able to

ü  Appreciate the importance of organic foods

ü  Develop an understanding of the cycle of nature in a garden

ü  Develop skills necessary to becoming competent in the garden

ü  Demonstrate ability in planning and design

ü  Develop a sense of work ethic required to achieve a successful garden

ü  Be able to work as part of a team


ü  Further Planning and Design of Organic garden

ü  Preparation/Weeding of polytunnel

ü  Composting of raised beds

ü  Planting of various vegetables, herbs and salads

ü  Harvesting of various vegetables, herbs and salads

ü  Construction of Composting bin

ü  Planting of Boundary hedge

ü  Outdoor excursions to local woodlands

ü  Development of Resources

Teaching-Learning Strategies

ü  Group Work

ü  Learning by doing

ü  Practical Work

ü  Planning and Design

Links with Other Subjects

ü  Science

ü  Biology

ü  Maths

ü  Art

ü  Home Economics

ü  Construction Studies