In general students have access to at least one double and three single classes per week. Class sizes are generally small. MrTighe delivers this course in Magh Ene.

Subject/Course Choice

If students are looking to do a course in Science, Information Technology or Engineering at third level this is a very good subject to study for the Leaving Certificate. If students excelled at Science and Maths at Junior Certificate this is very likely a good match for them if they want to pursue the above courses.

If students are studying both Chemistry and Physics this might a good subject for them to pick up points.

Did you know!

Physics and Chemistry is more popular with boys than girls and this is reflected in the statistics below.

In 2011 a total of 355 students took Physics and Chemistry at Leaving Cert. 137 girls took Physics and Chemistry at Leaving Certificate at higher level while 218 boys did Physics and Chemistry at Higher Level in 2010.
  • 19.5% of students got an A
  • 26.2% of students got a B
  • 21.6% of students got a C
  • 17.2 % of students got a D
  • 15.6% of students failed