Sunday, December 13, 2015

Work for Mr Gilmartin's class

-Class 1+2 5th yr Ag Science
Write notes on all types of grazing systems including diagrams. 
1. Paddock grazing
2. Strip grazing
3. Block grazing
4. Mixed grazing
5. Creep grazing
6. Leader follower.                                   Put these into mind map after.    

-Class 4+5 6th yr Ag Science
Revise all experiment questions (q4)from 2006-2009. At least 4 points needed in each question.

-Class 6 3rd yr Maths
Do paper 1 2013. Finish next 2pages for homework.

-Class 7 2nd yr Science
Draw a mind map on Ecology for revision including at least 20 keywords

-Class 8 1st yr DML
Continue with presentations on Internet advantages

-Class 9 5th year Biology
Workbooks on sink at top of room 4. Share one between 2 students. Do exercises in Chapter 11. 'Movement through cell membranes' into copy books. 

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